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our concept

The major concept of our whole team is to spread knowledge via providing a great platform which gives learning and teaching with earning options.

Our Practices

Everytime we focus on the quality with quantity of content which we  provide to our audience.

What is bvmknowledge??

✅ bvmknowledge is an upbringing and evolving learning platform. It is or it will be a complete educational place where a lot of study material exists.

✅ The bvm was born as a notes and content provider for needy students.

✅ The idea for bvm is to evolve when our founder sees the student suffering from non-availability of the whole content in one place so they wonder and after doing so much surfing web they get their ideal content so for this bvm present ideal solution to get rid and helpful for such student.

✅ bvm is not only about this, it expands with its other features also such as if once has an incredible quality to serve its audience as a great tutor then it opens a  place for them also with awesome earning opportunities.

✅ The whole bvm works on the basis of the two major building blocks and they are- “Instructor” and  “students“. Instructors or tutors doing their job by uploading some outstanding courses for their audience/students and Students take advantage of this facility very easily.


Mohit Mishra


Harshit Rathore


Aakash Rao

Head- team0

About Founder-

I am Mohit Mishra, Founder of bvmknowledge. 
I belong from The holy city Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.
I am a student as a profession having great entrepreneurship skills.

What is my aim for bvmknowledge-

I want to establish my bvmknowledge as an e-learning platform through which we serve good quality content to our users.
And we always work to reach more and more people who enjoy learning, who want to spread knowledge around the world with their outstanding skills.

From where I get this Idea?

I just started bvm as a notes providing platform for the needy students, but after discussing so much with a prodigious person like my close friend Harshit Rathore (Administrator of bvm) then We realize that it can grow much further than this, and We focused all my attention on preparing it.

Future plans for bvm

We will develop our bvmknowledge as a fully functioning learning management system where we will have top-notched very intelligent persons who provide. It will be the best solution to solve many nowadays learning problems like lack of content. 

Our Philosophy

We work only for spreading knowledge all around us. And as we also known as

Treasure of knowledge has a distinct features that is, it grows as much as it is shared while it became to loose if once want to keep it hidden or not shared.

Our Process

– We endorse efficiency, short cycles of decisions and action.

– We believe that results are more powerful than suggestions

– Start working on improvement, take initiative, If it does not work, we still will have learned something

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